Jeremy Priestley – Tips for Being a Successful Manager

Jeremy Priestley is an individual who is known for looking ahead, and understanding that what he does in the present directly impacts his success in the future. He has had a firm grasp on this concept since school, which allowed him to obtain a good education. It has also been the foundation for his professional success in the financial industry, and as an entrepreneur. He began his professional career as an accountant shortly after college, but was able to adapt to new roles as various opportunities presented themselves. He has also been able to establish a receivables management business that worked with major names like Microsoft, Yahoo and other international organizations.

Jeremy Priestley has been working in the business world for several years, and through out the course of his career, he has found himself in multiple leadership roles. Being a manager in any professional setting comes with difficult responsibilities, but you can be successful if you know how. Here are some tips for managers in the professional world.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you’re working as a manager is respect. You need to have the respect of the employees that work underneath you, but you also need to respect the employees underneath you as well. This will establish a trusting business environment that you and your employees will be comfortable working in.

Jeremy Priestley also explains that in order to be a successful manager, you need to be able to multitask at all times. Managing means that you’re responsible for your employees’ duties as well as your own; make sure you know how everything fits together.