Jeremy Priestley – A Few Reasons to Work in the Financial Industry

Jeremy Priestley is a dedicated business professional currently working in the United Kingdom. Priestley began his career shortly after leaving college to live in London, and he started as a trainee to the world of accountancy. Working in finance opened doors to other areas of business, and he began restructuring in 1986.

Working in the financial industry is challenging, but for the right professional, a career in finance can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the most important reasons to work in the financial industry.

First, the financial industry is constantly growing. As more companies are established, there are almost endless opportunities made available to the financial professional willing to look for work. Professionals who are good at what they do in the world of finance will never have trouble finding a job for a major company, or even a startup.

Second, professionals working in the financial industry are paid extremely well. Professionals are looking for financial employees who know the business, and worked hard during college in order to get their feet in the door. If you know the field, you will be paid well for your work, and the starting salaries are more than in most fields.

Third, Jeremy Priestley explains that the financial industry is never boring. There are always things to do in the field, which means there are always opportunities to rise through the ranks to an executive level. Your superiors will notice which employees are doing what they can to succeed, and which are simply doing the bare minimum.