Jeremy Priestley – Receivables Management

Jeremy Priestley started out with a foundation course in Accountancy and has come a long way since them. All the while, he has retained his love for accountancy and has established several firms which are focused on helping businesses to manage their accountancy in an efficient and productive way. His talent for numbers has ensured the longevity of his business career and given him practical ideas for new firms.

His first receivables management firm was established while still a managing partner at a local Sheffield firm. Working for an independent accountancy group had inspired him to start his own business, and this became a successful venture for him. Clients included Yahoo, Microsoft and NetApp, and soon the firm began to expand. He created a recovery component, working with the receivables funders to improve their position. When this went well, he was able to establish an international forum business which worked with many blue chip clients.

Accountancy businesses focused on receivables management proved successful, but his range of business skills also including turnaround, which he used to establish several firms as well. With this skill he was able to expand past England to Ireland, bringing in a wider range of clients and maximizing profits.
Jeremy Priestley has now sold his firms and businesses, but his years of experience have stayed with him and he is always searching for his next potential ideas. His career has involved consulting, founding, and restructuring businesses, and his base skills of accountancy allowed him this versatility.


Jeremy Priestley – Business Advising

Jeremy Priestley has had a long and successful business career. From start-up businesses to corporations focused on receivables management, he has a lot of versatility within the field of business, and utilizes his experiences to advise others on how to optimize their business.

His experiences are varied, and he advises on debt management as well as turnaround, two fields where he has worked for various firms. His career began with helping local firms to turnaround, but he has since expanded to advising Irish businesses as well as English. Advising was a natural choice for the next step for someone with so much experience in the industry.

Many of his businesses have been sold to management or to other companies, and this has been one of the more lucrative aspects of his career. The clients of his various businesses have been high profile, with many blue chip firms as well as well-known names such as Microsoft, NetApp and Yahoo coming to his company for receivables management or turnaround. The talents that he began to enhance with his first job have continued to allow him success and ensure a long and varied career.

Jeremy Priestley was not content to work for other businesses for his whole life; instead, he created his own business and worked to attain his own successes. This has paid off by giving him the experience required to be a business advisor capable of handling a range of situations and problems. Whether turnaround or receivables management, he can help to optimize business success.

Jeremy Priestley – Experience is Essential

Jeremy Priestley is a business advisor and founder of many companies in the areas of receivables management, international forums, and consultancy. Though many of these businesses have been sold, he retains the skills and experiences he gained from founding and operating these corporate ventures. His enjoyment of starting and operating businesses has left him as a veteran in his field.

His interest in business began as he took a foundation accountancy course in London and began to work for his first firm back in Sheffield. From the start, his skill was apparent. He was made a partner after just two years at the firm, and a managing partner after five. These achievements simply represented the skills that he already displayed for consultancy and accountancy, as he grew turnover by 800% at this first firm.

The foundational skills which set him up well for this first job have continued to expand throughout his career. Working for local, independent firms instilled in him the desire to start a business from scratch and this was what he began to do. He established a business focused on receivables management, and attracted many high-profile clients such as Yahoo and Microsoft. He continued to lead this business into audit and recovery work, and eventually set up and international forum business which attracted many blue chip clients.

Jeremy Priestley has attained business success on the back of hard work and some natural skill. He now focuses on giving back to the community by supporting a range of charities, but business is still on his mind after the lucrative sales of some of his companies. For a versatile entrepreneur such as Jeremy, there are many options for the future of his business career which is already packed with experience.

Jeremy Priestley – Supporting Charities as a Businessman

Jeremy Priestley is a businessman who made his own way through the challenges of working for corporations, and has founded many businesses over his time. His firms have generally worked at helping other businesses to restructure or manage their funds more efficiently. He enjoys his job, but always finds the time to support charities, especially those which are local or have some personal meaning to him.

The Daffodil Ball, started by people from his own hometown of Sheffield in 1995, is a charity he supports. All proceeds raised go to the Children’s Hospital Charity, and since its founding, the event has raised over £1,000,000, an impressive amount. Supporting charity events such as this one is important for business people, no matter how successful they may be.

Jeremy Priestley’s support of his hometown, Sheffield, can be seen in his donations to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation. This charity fund distributes its donations to community programs which are beneficial to a wide range of people within South Yorkshire. It may support sports centers, soup kitchens or theater programs, but whatever it donates to will have a positive impact on the community in some way. Donating to foundations such as this one is an easy way to ensure your donations go to the right place.

Jeremy Priestley has had many business enterprises, and his consistent support of charities marks him as a caring philanthropist. Returning to your hometown and supporting those who need it is an important part of staying in touch with the real world as a businessman.