Jeremy Priestley – Business Advising

Jeremy Priestley has had a long and successful business career. From start-up businesses to corporations focused on receivables management, he has a lot of versatility within the field of business, and utilizes his experiences to advise others on how to optimize their business.

His experiences are varied, and he advises on debt management as well as turnaround, two fields where he has worked for various firms. His career began with helping local firms to turnaround, but he has since expanded to advising Irish businesses as well as English. Advising was a natural choice for the next step for someone with so much experience in the industry.

Many of his businesses have been sold to management or to other companies, and this has been one of the more lucrative aspects of his career. The clients of his various businesses have been high profile, with many blue chip firms as well as well-known names such as Microsoft, NetApp and Yahoo coming to his company for receivables management or turnaround. The talents that he began to enhance with his first job have continued to allow him success and ensure a long and varied career.

Jeremy Priestley was not content to work for other businesses for his whole life; instead, he created his own business and worked to attain his own successes. This has paid off by giving him the experience required to be a business advisor capable of handling a range of situations and problems. Whether turnaround or receivables management, he can help to optimize business success.