Jeremy Priestley – Receivables Management

Jeremy Priestley started out with a foundation course in Accountancy and has come a long way since them. All the while, he has retained his love for accountancy and has established several firms which are focused on helping businesses to manage their accountancy in an efficient and productive way. His talent for numbers has ensured the longevity of his business career and given him practical ideas for new firms.

His first receivables management firm was established while still a managing partner at a local Sheffield firm. Working for an independent accountancy group had inspired him to start his own business, and this became a successful venture for him. Clients included Yahoo, Microsoft and NetApp, and soon the firm began to expand. He created a recovery component, working with the receivables funders to improve their position. When this went well, he was able to establish an international forum business which worked with many blue chip clients.

Accountancy businesses focused on receivables management proved successful, but his range of business skills also including turnaround, which he used to establish several firms as well. With this skill he was able to expand past England to Ireland, bringing in a wider range of clients and maximizing profits.
Jeremy Priestley has now sold his firms and businesses, but his years of experience have stayed with him and he is always searching for his next potential ideas. His career has involved consulting, founding, and restructuring businesses, and his base skills of accountancy allowed him this versatility.