Jeremy Priestley : A Businessman With Community Ties

Jeremy Priestley spent most of his childhood and business career in the Sheffield community of South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. A well-known businessman with knowledge of finance, accounting, business development and corporate restructuring, Priestley has spent years building valuable business relationships in Sheffield. Jeremy Priestley has also made an impact in his hometown through good stewardship and support of nonprofit organizations.

Other than a six-month stay in London, Jeremy Priestley has called Sheffield home his entire life. As a young man, he began his career working in a local accounting firm. At the firm, he excelled quickly, becoming a partner in two years and a managing partner in five. No small feat, Priestley helped the company grow turnover by 800%.

From there, Jeremy Priestley took his knowledge and went out on his own. “I set up a receivables management business from scratch,” said Priestley. Again, Priestley attracted big clients to help stimulate massive growth. “Clients included Microsoft, Netapp and Yahoo.” After a decade of running the receivable management company,  Jeremy Priestley exited with a successful sale of the company.

With all his success in business, Priestley has been able to play an important role in the Sheffield, South Yorkshire community. His biggest focus has been on supporting the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation. The foundation is “one of only four dedicated children’s hospital trusts in the UK and provides integrated healthcare for children and young people, including community and mental health care as well as acute and specialist services.” For over twenty-five years Priestley has fundraised for the hospital through his participation with the Daffodil Ball.

Jeremy Priestley is a major player in the Sheffield business community and a supporter of the cities most important community foundations.



Jeremy Priestley: Three Accounting Tips for Business Owners

Jeremy Priestley is a successful entrepreneur and former accounting expert who worked with many different businesses to help them stay on track. He has since moved into corporate restructuring services, but he has three tips for business owners who need to handle their accounting work better to grow and become more organized:

  • Keep it separate.

After you start a business, it’s important to keep your business and personal bank accounts and cost analyses separate. Jeremy Priestley knows from experience that trying to manage both personal and business financial accounts can be difficult and cause mistakes on both sides. Don’t try to sort out personal and business expenses later; keep them clearly separate and record them as such.

  • Hire a professional.

When your business is small and just trying to make it to the next quarter, you probably won’t have the capital to spend on a professional accountant.After you find some success, you’ll need more help managing all the money you’re making and how much you’re spending to keep the business moving forward.

  • Stay organized.

It’s easy to throw financial reports and figures into a binder at the end of the night and walk away, but creating and sticking to an organizational system will only help your accountant and financial team keep track of your figures and data.

Jeremy Priestley has seen how messy a small business can become because of poor accounting practices and business owners trying to figure out how to shave costs and increase revenues by themselves.

Jeremy Priestley – Traits of a Successful Manager

Jeremy Priestley is a successful business development director in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Jeremy Priestley founded and managed various businesses over the years, and is an experienced professional in the finance industry. If you are a manager, you might find these tips useful, especially if you want to increase the productivity of your team and become a successful manager.

Be Yourself
Jeremy Priestley knows that many newly appointed managers make the mistake of thinking that they have to act differently because of their new position. While there is some truth in this idea, especially in terms of behavior, as a manager it is important that you continue to be who you were before the promotion. You will need to develop a management style and not try to become someone else. If your nature was fun-loving, you don’t have to change it, just make sure you know how to manage yourself. While you don’t have to change your personality, you most certainly have to know how to manage it without trying to become someone else.

As a new manager, it is important that you learn to listen to what your employees are saying. Listen to your superiors, customers, and employees; listen to what is being said and what is not being said. As a manager, you need to develop your listening skills. Listening to others in the workplace will help you understand problems and come up with effective solutions.

Jeremy Priestley is a successful business entrepreneur with excellent leadership skills.


Jeremy Priestley – Why Corporate Philanthropy is Important for Businesses

Jeremy Priestley has been in the finance industry for many years and has built a successful career for himself in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He is a business development director and is in the corporate restructuring business. As a successful business professional Jeremy Priestley has supported various philanthropic projects in the area. Here’s why corporate philanthropic is important for businesses.

Helping the Community

When businesses grow, one of the thing they can do is give back to the community by supporting various community-related projects. Making a financial contribution from your business to purchase new clothes for the center for the poor and needy, or donating computers to non-profit organizations what work with underprivileged children are ways you can make a difference in the community.

Marketing Benefits

As a business owner, you can use philanthropy as a marketing strategy. If you manufacture clothing, you might want to increase brand awareness by donating new clothes to the community center in your area. On the other hand, if you are a provider of legal services, you might want to offer free legal services for those who don’t have the means to pay for it in the community. Doing so will not only allow you to help the needy but will also give your business a positive image.

Jeremy Priestley supported a local children’s hospital for twenty-five years via a fundraising program called the Daffodil Ball, and successfully raised one million Pounds.


Jeremy Priestley – Tips for Aspiring Accountants

Jeremy Priestley is a successful business development director with many years’ experience in the finance industry. Jeremy Priestley started his career as a trainee accountant and worked his way up to become a managing partner in a firm. Here are a few tips you can use if you are looking to build a career as an accountant

CPA Exams
Being a professional in the finance industry, Jeremy Priestley knows it is important for every accountant to take the CPA exam as soon as possible. However, you need to make sure you are fully prepared before you take the exam. In the last couple of years, the CPA exam has become harder than ever before, and with the exam being computerized, you will need to be sure you are ready before you take the exam.

CPA Prep Course
To help you prepare for the exam you might want to enroll in a CPA prep course. With the online milestones, you will be able to keep track of your progress and prepare yourself to take the exam.

Accounting School
If you are wondering whether you can be an accountant without going to accounting school, the answer is yes. However, if you are planning to get into a big accounting firm, then you will most likely need to go to accounting school. On the other hand, if you are looking for a career change, a CPA will do you more good to get a new job than going to an accounting school.

Jeremy Priestley is a successful business entrepreneur in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.